The “harmonization” of Islam with the neoliberal transformation: The case of Turkey


Nikos Moudouros

Globalizations, 30 April 2014


The end of the Cold War brought about a great uncertainty in relation to the geopolitical order. The prevalence of this neoliberal model of development had as a prerequisite the integration of countries other than the traditionally developed and powerful nations of the West. As a consequence, the developing or the less economically developed economies were the ones appearing to acquire “renewed” importance. A fundamental aspect of these repercussionswas the triggering of ideological debates over the compatibility of Islam with this stage of capitalist development. One major axon of these debates was the “desecularization” of capitalist modernization and the integration of Islam in the new global order. This article examines the case of Turkey in this framework. It tis analysing how the “Conservative Democracy” programme of the Justice and Development Party is “harmonizing” Islam with the transformation of the country and how this transformation is presented with “local colours”, being more acceptable and creating the new hegemony in Turkey.

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